The last fox we've been waiting for is finally here!

reports that the last Cherry Bomb to fill out The Runaways is 22-year-old Alessandra Torresani. An actress who's popped up in a bunch of television shows (most notably: Caprica, the BSG spin-off), Torresani will play the tow-headed vixen Lita Ford. And with that, all the mainstays are accounted for. Rhythm guitarist Joan Jett is Kristen Stewart, drummer Sandy West is Stella Maeve, lead singer Cherie Currie is Dakota Fanning, and Torresani is lead guitarist Ford. There is, of course, the bassist to consider, but since a number of girls filled in (Micki Steele, Peggy Foster, Jackie Fox), it looks like they're keeping her off the main casting roster.

She doesn't have the musical chops yet (she starts learning how to play guitar on Monday), but I can definitely see that face belting out power ballads with Ozzy in a few years; she's got a decent Lita look. Speaking of the heavy-metal icon, Torresani will meet up with Ford soon to get the low-down and hear the stories.

Stewart is the easiest to imagine in this project, since she's already got an edge to her, but I think director Floria Sigismondi will be able to do something with this cast. As Jenni already pointed out, there's a killer group attached behind the scenes, so this can't become an ignorable fluff piece. It's got to be something worthy of the path paved by Girls Rock! ... right?

If not, there will be hell to pay.
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