I couldn't begin to describe how excited I was yesterday when I had to have my iPhone replaced at the Apple store due to it breaking a month after I bought it only to learn that Apple has just launched a new iPhone to screw with folks who recently bought the old one. Don't you love those guys? To coincide with the latest iPhone 3GS (which I heard features an app that will actually babysit your kids and one that will take your girlfriend to a boring chick flick -- but don't quote me on that), Apple has launched a new marketing campaign beginning with this commercial from director David Fincher, who's apparently a pretty big mac junkie.

To be quite honest, I was hoping for colorful dancing set to some sort of quirky hipster tune, but instead what we have here is some dude breaking in to iPhone headquarters (or some such place) in order to test out the phone's new video function. It's not exactly brilliant, but Fincher directed it alongside his Fight Club cinematographer Jeff Cronenweth. Will this be the first of a set of related ads? Guess we'll see.

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