I'm sure if you pick apart the themes and scenes from both films, you'll find that The Dark Knight and Fight Club have lots in common, though for the purpose of this post we're talking about a song called "Where Is My Mind?" from The Pixies. In David Fincher's Fight Club, the song played during the final scene as Edward Norton and Helena Bonham Carter lock hands and watch the city in front of them crumble to the ground. Remember? Well in honor of The Dark Knight's television premiere on HBO this Saturday, June 13, the cable channel is airing two pretty groovy commercials featuring the same exact Pixies song mixed with a bunch of those memorable (yet haunting) pieces of dialogue and scenes from last year's biggest film.

I couldn't have said it better than Brian over at MTV's Splash Page, who notes: "The shots of the burned out buildings and The Joker's hospital demolition scene are particularly effective with the music for anyone who has heard in the background during Tyler Durden's anarchist attack on civilization in "Fight Club." It's also a great match for an in intensely cerebral film like "Dark Knight" where the hero's sanity is constantly being picked apart as much as the villain's." So who's staying in with me on Saturday night to welcome Batman to HBO?

Watch both HBO commercials and the scene from Fight Club after the jump.