On Monday, my esteemed colleague Peter Martin ran a poll asking just which Marvel movie / character you were most excited to see onscreen. As of Tuesday morning, Ant-Man was actually winning, prompting Erik Davis to ask me if I'd put together a guide to this offbeat Avenger. Or did he ask me because Ant-Man was dead last, as he is right now? I can't remember -- it was 7am and I hadn't slept because I plan to do that when I'm dead ... but hey, whatever the reason, now you'll have an Ant-Man guide!

As you know, Ant-Man has attracted the talents of Edgar Wright (Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz). But the sad truth is that Wright has a lot more fans than the erstwhile Avenger, and a lot of moviegoers will be scrambling to catch up. Since the movie is a long way off, you've got time to catch up and scour some back issues. That way, when Ant-Man finally does hit theaters (hopefully in time for him to join the upcoming Avengers movie), you'll be an expert, able to lord your continuity knowledge over all those moviegoers who think it's part of the Cornetto Trilogy.

Several Marvel men have held the title of Ant-Man over the years. The first to hold the title and wear the antennae was Dr. Henry Pym, who discovered "Pym particles," sub-atomic particles that can shrink a person or an object when used correctly. In true superhero fashion, he naturally mixes into a secret formula that allows him to shrink to the size of an insect, and is very nearly killed by a colony of ants.
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