It looks like a huge Howard family affair could be brewing, where daughter Bryce Dallas Howard pens a feature for dad director Ron Howard. The Hollywood Reporter posts that the actress wrote a script with Dane Charbeneau called The Originals, a drama that would be a potential helming gig for Ron, and one that boasts a scent that's a bit similar to The Big Chill.

Originals is an ensemble project that follows "a group of twentysomethings who reconvene for a weekend in New York after learning that the teacher who shaped their childhoods has fallen into a mysterious coma." So, not as finite (at least in summary) as Chill, which is good. However, the most notable parts of this production are behind the scenes. As if the daughter/dad team wasn't enough, Charbeneau starting dating Bryce's sister while they worked on this script, and the pair are now engaged. Now we just need Rance, Clint, Cheryl, and Paige to jump on board and this will be a family affair like no other.

Ron has some other projects he's focusing on right now, but I can't imagine him saying no to his family. That being said, this project probably won't get off the ground for a while either way, unless they slip it in between Ron's Colossus and Bryce's Spider-Man. Stay tuned!
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