Two of my favorite indie youngin's are Michael Angarano and Jesse Eisenberg. What's not to like? Angarano stole our hearts as the young William in Almost Famous, and has since popped up in Dear Wendy, Lords of Dogtown, and One Last Thing. Eisenberg, meanwhile, he started things off with the ever-excellent Roger Dodger, and continued on to The Squid and the Whale, The Education of Charlie Banks, and Adventureland (with Angarano's main squeeze, Kristen Stewart). Now the dudes are combining for some sweet indie fare together.

The Hollywood Reporter posts that Angarano has signed on and Eisenberg is circling a new comedy called Ceremony. The film will follow a young guy (Eisenberg) who falls head over heels for an older woman (Elizabeth Berkeley again!?!?) who is getting ready to get hitched. His infatuation leads him to grab his friend (Angarano) and travel to a beat town to break up the nuptials ... only to realize that they're out of place amongst "the stately British groom-to-be and his guests." Poor guys.

But there's one more reason to keep an eye out for this project. It's being whipped up by the sons of two names that should sound quite familiar: Reitman and Winkler. Jason Reitman is one of the film's executive producers and Henry Winkler's son Max wrote the script and will make his directorial debut. (See him with Pops here.)

This sounds almost as good as the Fonz.
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