The term 'what's done is done' doesn't seem to apply to some animated TV shows, as Family Guysomehow found its way back into the weekly TV schedule on Fox after that same network had canceled it -- and now the same thing is happening to Futurama, which, after shoving out four new movies on DVD, will find a new life with new episodes on Comedy Central beginning in mid-2010. When the show does return, it will have been seven years since new episodes were last aired on Fox -- a lot longer than Family Guy had to wait before that show got its rebirth.

According to Reuters, show creators Matt Groening and David X. Cohen are already working on a new batch of episodes, and the core writing staff -- as well as the original voice cast -- will all return. Says Groening, "[The four specials were] a great way of keeping the show alive, and one of the great things was that everyone enjoyed doing them, so it's been relatively easy trying to get everyone who was originally on the show to come back."

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