While being interviewed at the Monte Carlo TV Festival Matthew Fox shared a little bit of info regarding the final season of Lost. Check it out:

  • Jack and Locke will go head-to-head for a good part of the season, though it wasn't specified whether that's the real Locke or the fake Locke, known online as Darth Locke.
  • The opening of season six will explain what happened at the end of season five, and it will be "confusing and surprising at first."
  • A third of the way through the season, both timelines will become one constant timeline and the rest of the season will play out minus flashbacks or flashforwards.
  • Fox described the final moments of the show as being "beautiful", "redemptive", "sad" and "awesome".
Not entirely sure what to make of all that, but it seems like the folks who were stuck in the 70s will either remain in the 70s in the beginning of the season or be sent somewhere else that's different from where Locke, Sun and all those crazy cats are currently. Where and when will they travel? Fox says it will be "confusing and surprising at first," and so take from that what you will.

[via Lost Spoilers]

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