If you're going to dump Vin Diesel andXXX: The Return of Xander Cage for anything, it should be The Magnificent Seven. Nothing less would do. Now, if your heart stopped at the idea of Rob Cohen directing The Magnificent Seven, let me pause here to laugh, and assure you that he isn't ... he's just going medieval.

According to Variety, Cohen has dumped Diesel for Medieval, "an event-sized action film" that the director is describing as Magnificent Seven meets the Middle Ages. Fox and New Regency paid a nice chunk of change to Alex Litvak and Michael Finch for their spec script, and brought McG on to produce. They're hoping to get underway by October. Regency is determined to keep the details of this medieval tale under tight wraps, but the Seven reference stems from it reportedly being about a group of warriors who hail from different cultures, and come together to fight ... something. that exists Cohen's promise of "a heightened reality" and gigantic action pieces. Knowing his past films, I would bet very good money on it being a dragon.

While this has shades of 10,000 B.C., I have to give props to Cohen for carrying around a degree like mine, and finding some way to use it. All those facts about the Plantagenets don't come in handy nearly as often as I thought they would.

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