E3 is to computer / console stuff what Comic-Con is to ... bad movies we won't get to see for three months. But if you're a big-time video game junkie, there's no better place to meander through than E3. (I've never attended, but it sure seems like a cross between Best Buy and a time machine!) For a ton of reports on all sorts of nifty new products, you can find the scoops on Joystiq or Engadget, but our good pal Peter Hall has broken the game previews down to the most important stuff: the horror games.

Just like horror flicks, the gaming biz is awash in impending sequels ... but since we're talking about titles like Bioshock 2,Dead Space: Extraction, and Left 4 Dead 2, well, I won't be complaining all that much. But of course there are a few non-sequel scare games that look pretty damn cool -- and you can find all the info at HorrorsNotDead.com. I'm still really curious about this Saw game ... and I'm always down for a fresh trip to Silent Hill!

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