You know, James Cameron isn't the only one inventing technology for his movies. There's also Jackboots on Whitehall, a sort of stop-motionesque project where "specially made 'Action Man' type action figures" were made so that the action could frolic without the need for stop motion, strings, or animation. And that's only part of the reason it's so cool.

In this alternate cinematic World War II, the Battle of Britain becomes a victory for Hitler, who sashays his proud tuckus to the UK, only to get it handed back to him by the Scots. And it's voiced by names like Alan Cumming, Timothy Spall, Tom Wilkinson, Richard O'Brien, Richard E. Grant, and Rosamund Pike. Sounds awesome, right? (It can't be just me!) Well, it's been in stasis for forever, but might be (finally) moving forward, if vague news bits are to be believed.

I first wrote about the film during my first few months at Cinematical back in 2006. I followed up last summer when principal photography was supposedly getting into gear. Now, according to Screen Daily, the worldwide sales rights have been nabbed by Media 8, and now principal photography is slated to begin on July 3. (All this time and no shooting? Sheesh.) Oh yes, and that special technique is being labelled as "2 1/2 D" CGI artistry.

Whatever the case, we can only hope it's all for real this time and we get a release date in this millennium.
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