When we saw the damn good sci-fi flick Moon at Sundance, we already knew it was a Sony title, so we expected the flick to open on (oh, I dunno) somewhere between 100 and 1,000 screens. Unfortunately, that's not the case. But here's what always happens: A science fiction film opens, gets great reviews but little profit, and then goes on to become a classic ten years down the line. I'm not saying Moon is necessarily on the same level as examples like Blade Runner, Dark City, and The Iron Giant ... but I do believe I know good sci-fi when I see it.

So as a service to our New York and Los Angeles friends, here's a rundown on where Moon will be opening tomorrow (6/12/09). And big thanks to Filmjerk.com for the theater information!

  • Laemmle's Town Center 5 -- Encino
  • Arclight Cinema -- Hollywood
  • University Town Center 6 -- Irvine
  • Laemmle's Playhouse 7 -- Pasadena
  • Laemmle's Monica 4 -- Santa Monica
  • Empire 25 -- New York City
  • Lincoln Square 13 -- New York City
  • Landmark Sunshine -- New York City

As for the rest of us, well, the only way Moon will "platform" out is if it does good business in NY and LA. Otherwise, it's a great DVD to look forward to ... although I really enjoyed seeing it on the big screen.

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