By Elisabeth Rappe

People can't get enough of zombie stories these days. The walking undead have invaded movies, television, comics, and Regency England and show no signs of abating. I'm beginning to think this is part of the plan to turn us all into zombies and if so, you'll be meeting your new lord and master in Deadworld. Variety reports that the long running comic series is making its way to the big screen thanks to David Hayter, Benedict Carver, and Bill Mechanic.

Deadworld has been around since 1987, and has always had more of a cult following as opposed to new series such as The Walking Dead. That's probably because it's a rather unique and twisted spin on the zombie mythology, as the war to wipe out humanity is told entirely from their point of view. Led by King Zombie, the Harley-riding rotter to your right, they track down and slaughter the humans that cast them out for their accursed ways. The sadistic King seeks to wipe out the last traces of mankind and open the gates of Hell so that the dead can truly walk the Earth. If you dig the torture, gore, and slaughter of your fellow humans, this is your series. (It's also got a very cool website where you zombie lovers can buy all kinds of King Zombie stuff.)

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