Diane Lane's grabbing the reins in Disney's new film Secretariat. Lane will be starring as Penny Chenery, a housewife who takes over her father's thoroughbreeding farm after he falls ill. She learns the ropes fast, and her horse Secretariat goes on to win the 1973 Triple Crown. Secretariat will focus on her relationship with the prize-winning horse, which is a nice change from movies focusing on relationships between, say, Lane and Richard Gere as in 2008's weepy Nights in Rodanthe.

Randall Wallace, who wrote the screenplays for Atlas Shrugged,We Were Soldiers,Pearl Harbor, and Braveheart, is directing; he also directed We Were Soldiers and The Man in the Iron Mask. Mike Rich is behind the script; he also penned similarly inspirational flicks The Nativity Story,The Rookie, and Finding Forrester.

Secretariat sounds a little bit Seabiscuit-y and a little bit you-go-girl, with a distinct possibility for sappiness. Is Disney aiming for Diane Lane's demo or horse-loving young girls? It's too early to tell, but I'm just happy to see a movie with a strong female lead who isn't just interested in shoes and dudes. And despite some missteps with films like the aforementioned Nights in Rodanthe,Jumper,and Untraceable, Diane Lane pretty much rocks.
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