It's no secret around these parts that G.I. Joe is -- how shall we say ... the one-legged monkey of this summer's crop of movies. Already the butt of lots of jokes online and off, G.I. Joe and its small amount of marketing materials (including a trailer or two and 578 character posters) haven't exactly impressed more than four people (and some suggest those four people don't even really exist). Now I really hate to crap on a film before it hits theaters because a lot of people worked hard to make the thing and a whole ton of money was spent in the process, but the news just doesn't seem to get better when it comes to the live-action G.I. Joe adaptation no one really asked for.

The latest comes from a message board poster over at producer (and Cinematical's number one fan) Don Murphy's site. Latino Review found the post, which goes into lots of detail regarding G.I. Joe director Stephen Sommers and how he was canned and replaced with a "fixer" director after the film tested poorly. Normally a message board poster wouldn't be the greatest source for a story like this, but LR did some checking with people and say it's the truth. Of course Paramount will try to deny there's anything going on here (which kinda reminds me of all the hoopla surrounding Lexi Alexander on Punisher: War Zone), but if it is indeed true, then it kinda looks like Cobra is going to fall before they get to rise.

But give it two years for the bad taste to go away, and I'm sure someone will try to reboot the franchise. Read the detailed message board post after the jump. G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra hits theaters on August 7.

UPDATE: Producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura spoke to Latino Review and claims there's no truth whatsoever to this story. Read his response over here.
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