While zoning out during the baseball game last night, a random thought popped into my head: "Ya know, I don't think I'd ever watch Atonement again." Don't ask me where these stupid random thoughts come from, or why I was thinking about Atonement when it wasn't on TV or anything, but the thought came from somewhere and so I began to pursue it a little. The end result came in the form of a question I posed on Twitter: Name some great movies that for some reason or another you wouldn't watch more than once.

I thought Atonement was a good film; I really enjoyed it. But I have no need to watch it again ... just because. A whole bunch of people responded to my Twitter question (thanks everyone!), and a pretty big majority of them went with Requiem for a Dream, which I completely understand. (I love you Jennifer Connelly, but you're a freaky mess in this flick.) Some other films mentioned include The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Irreversible, Dear Zachary, United 93, Citizen Kane, Leaving Las Vegas, Beauty and the Beast, Battleship Potemkin, Monster, Se7en, High Fidelity and The Machinist.

Now it's your turn: Give us a great film you won't watch more than once, and why.
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