Of all the awesome futuristic items they could sell from Back to the Future II, including Marty's Nike shoes with automatic laces (which they did imitate and sell, minus the laces), the 60-plus-years Sports Almanac that was, like, 15 pages long, the hoverboard or the jacket with automatic fit and drier, they had to go and replicate the weird metallic multi-colored hat Marty was forced to wear because it's what his dumb, moronic kid had on. According to Amazon, it shimmers and changes color -- and it even features some rockin' '80s Velcro (because Velcro will so be hot in 2015).

You can pre-order the hat now for $24.99, and it's being released on July 15. Check out a larger version down below. You're not really buying this ... right?

Discuss: Which BTTF II item would you want most? (Hoverboard, right? Gotta be the hoverboard.)

[via Gizmodo]
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