Ah, Christopher Walken. In the early days, one might have imagined that he'd become an icon of song and dance, his musical swagger paving the way for a long and swinging career. But it was an onslaught of creepy gigs that set Walken's path, and it was his voice that made him an icon -- that staccato drawl with the strangely tantalizing self-imposed pauses.

His infamous inflection is something many try to nail, though few are more than modestly successful. But with the aid of the Internet, the good aren't so hard to find. Helped by the convenience of YouTube, our good friends at Urlesque have gathered some of the best impressions they could find, and these guys are good. But perhaps the best part of these impersonations are the range -- these aren't exactly the visuals one would put with a classic Walken inflection. I guess there must be an inner Walken in each of us, just waiting to be tapped.

Two of the best are after the jump. In the first, "Walken" tries to order a lemonade ice, and in the second, "Walken" teaches us how to hunt free-range chickens. And if these videos make you wild with jealousy, check out the third clip. It's a how-to-speak-like-Walken tutorial led by Naathan Phan, which made the rounds a year ago.

Which Walken impression do you think reigns supreme?