I just got done picking through the special features on the brand-new Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter DVD, and then *boom* a section of a very cool featurette popped up online! The "Jason's Death" segment is embedded after the jump, but I really must say ... after Friday 4 got the shaft on that 2004 box set, this DVD is an absolute revelation! It's got A) an audio commentary with the director, editor, and writer, B) a "fan" commentary with horror directors Joe Lynch and Adam Green that's really terrific, C) a lot of "b-roll" footage and alternate takes (including extra gore!), d) a really amusing mockumentary about Jason's "real life" rampage, and E) assorted bells and whistles that the horror freaks will love.

The Deluxe Editions of Fridays 4, 5, and 6 arrive on DVD next week, but for now you can dig this entertaining clip about Jason's untimely "death" in 1984. Ha.
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