So I got this email asking me if I'd like to share some photos from an upcoming flick called Blood: The Last Vampire, which I promptly watched on Netflix Instant so I'd know what I was talking about. The 2000 feature is animated, of course, and runs only a scant 49 minutes ... but I dug it! So now I can post these photos while having half a clue. And, as you know, in this business half a clue is usually more than enough.

The live-action version comes from the director of Kiss of the Dragon, and stars folks like Gianna Jun, Colin Salmon, and Allison Miller. (Plus the fights were choreographed by Corey Yuen, and you know what that means: lunacy!) Samuel Goldwyn aims to release the film on July 10, and you can check out the trailer (and theater listings) right here. And then venture after the jump for those photos! (Oh, what's it about: A pretty Asian woman hunts vampires. You need to know more than that?)
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