Welcome back to another edition of Insert Caption -- the game that won't propose marriage, but will instead wine and dine with movie swag until your stomachs are full of awesome. Last week we asked you to toss a caption our way for a photo from the new Eddie Murphy film,Imagine That. And imagine our surprise when you all came up with some pretty funny stuff. Congrats to our three winners, featured below.

1. "Surprisingly, the little girl and the pile of mustard are also played by Eddie Murphy." -- Joe B.

2. "Bah .... I had to eat worse in Daddy Daycare!" -- Jason F.

3. "Are you sure this is the way to make a model volcano?" -- Chris U.

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This week we're in search of rom-com wedding bells as Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds prepare to debut The Proposal. In the film, Bullock plays a high-powered exec who, when faced with deportation back to Canada, announces that she's suddenly become engaged to her assistant (Reynolds), and both create this fake relationship in order to keep her in the country. But will their fake love turn into something a little more ... real? Hmmm ... The three folks behind our favorite captions this week will walk down the aisle with one The Proposal mug, one set of The Proposal post-its, and one pair of ear buds. Sound off below ...

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