Danny Boyle, who snapped up a Best Director Oscar for last year's Slumdog Millionaire, has signed on with Fox Searchlight and Pathé Pictures for three more movies. The two companies were also behind Slumdog and its overwhelming success and have also had to deal with the ensuing fallout over what has (or in some cases, hasn't) happened to its young stars. (You can read some previous Cinematical posts on the Slumdog situation here,here, and here.)

According to the Los Angeles Times, "the director already has identified a possible initial production under the first-look deal, a drama about Aron Ralston, the American mountain climber who amputated part of his arm when it was pinned in a 2003 back-country hiking accident." However, Slumdog Millionaire's Oscar-winning screenwriter Simon Beaufoy told theTelegraph something a little different. The UK paper reports that Beaufoy is adapting Suketu Mehta's book Maximum City: Bombay Lost and Found.

"It was only decided a couple of weeks ago, but I will be writing the script for Danny... Maximum City is a non-fiction work, so it will be a huge challenge to find the story in it. It is a wonderful book and I used it in my initial research for Slumdog. There are some great characters in the book, but no stories, so my job will be to get the fictional out of a non-fictional story."

So, which will it be for the director? And since the controversy over the fates of Slumdog's two youngest stars has never been fully addressed by the studios or Boyle to the satisfaction of movie-goers, would it be all that wise for Boyle to return to Mumbai for the setting of his next movie?
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