In case you're not already aware, a very awesome (and tiny) sci-fi psychological thriller hits screens this weekend in limited release called Moon. It's only arriving in theaters in New York and Los Angeles, but it will expand to more cities in the next few weeks. (See this post for which cities and when.) In the film, Sam Rockwell stars as an astronaut nearing the end of a three-year stint working on the moon. As he makes preparations to return to earth, however, something goes terribly wrong ... and then, well, things just get freaky and fun.

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Moon director Duncan Jones earlier this week as he was getting ready to watch his first feature fly off toward movie theaters across the country -- and during that interview, we asked the man to give us his five favorite sci-fi flicks of all time. That info you can only read here (call it our first exclusive on SciFi Squad -- yay!), so check out the deets below.

After the Jump: Moon director Duncan Jones on his five favorite sci-fi films of all time ...
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