It was only a matter of time. The Runaways are in place, production on the film is gearing up, and try as she might, Kristin Stewart wasn't able to keep her Joan Jett 'do under wraps; E Online caught a full glimpse of the new look. Why am I writing about a hairdo? Well, if there was one initial clue to discern how this Runaways pic would turn out, it's how each of the cast members look -- especially Stewart's Jett. And it's not bad. I can't go with good or great, because by this image (right), it looks more like a modern hack-job than a '70s mullet. But it's decent. At the very least, I doubt anyone will be thinking of Bella when Stewart grabs her guitar and hits the stage.

In a much less rockin' vein of news, The Hollywood Reporter posts that Brittany Murphy has signed onto a psychological thriller called Something Wicked -- no relation to that Wicked musical. We can't quite tell you what the premise is, because there are two competing summaries. THR says the flick is about a teen and his girlfriend (who is out of his league) whose lives become chaotic when her parents are killed. IMDb, on the other hand, says it's about a young couple prepping for marriage when gruesome secrets resurface. Either way, it looks like Murphy has but a supporting gig.

I guess the mediocre films have finally caught up with her, leading her away from the romcoms (at least that's a plus) and into B thrillers. But maybe The Expendables will help -- unless she gets outshone by Charisma Carpenter. Hmm... Is this the end of Murphy?
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