Look what's available for pre-order on Amazon.com! Dave Eggers' The Wild Things, which is loosely based on the Maurice Sendak story, and the screenplay he cowrote with Spike Jonze for the upcoming movie. That means it's original and smart, not just one of those florid novelizations. (Not that Eggers would write something like that, of course.) If the cover, the author, and the movie isn't enough to hook you, here's the synopsis: [The Wild Things] is about the confusions of a boy, Max, making his way in a world he can't control. His father is gone, his mother is spending time with a younger boyfriend, his sister is becoming a teenager and no longer has interest in him. At the same time, Max finds himself capable of startling acts of wildness: he wears a wolf suit, bites his mom, and can't always control his outbursts. During a fight at home, Max flees and runs away into the woods. He finds a boat there, jumps in, and ends up on the open sea, destination unknown. He lands on the island of the Wild Things, and soon he becomes their king. But things get complicated when Max realizes that the Wild Things want as much from him as he wants from them. Funny, dark, and alive, The Wild Things is a timeless and time-tested tale for all ages.

It's also a classy version you can read on public transportation without getting stared at the way you might if you're reading the classic Sendak book. Although if you're brave, you can opt for the fur-covered edition. There's no photo, but I imagine it looks like this cute copy of Little Fur Family. (If you don't own Little Fur Family, you should buy a copy immediately. Cutest. Book. Ever.)

[via the never sleeping Slashfilm]

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