In February, we learned from those ever-talkative and only sometimes-dependable "insiders" that Michael Cera finally agreed to be part of an Arrested Development feature film. And, as an added cherry to the already great news, word had it that the project would hit production by the end of the year. But I don't think we should let our hearts still quite yet.

Collider has posted a blip from a Q&A with the actor, and Cera sounds, dare I say, reluctant as all holy hell. When asked if the movie would ever get made, George Michael Cera said: "I think it will. Yeah. I don't see why it wouldn't. I don't think it will happen for awhile." When told about the rumored 2009 start, the actor added: "But there is no rush. I think he should take his time. I know it means a lot to Mitch. There is no rush, really, I don't think."

That's not exactly the chipper response fans would hope to hear from the guy who has been iffy on this project from the beginning. Frosty Steve takes the news to mean that we won't see the film getting shot anytime soon, but I wonder if this is simply a good look into Cera's opinion of the project. If Arrested Development doesn't hit production soon, the kid has more time to avoid saying "Hell no, I won't go!" and subsequently feel the stinging impact of fan outrage. If it does stick to the rumored schedule, I'd bet that it will have to deal with the absence of George Michael.

Or, maybe it is all on track and Cera's just messing with our minds! (Yeah, I don't believe it either...)
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