I'm not sure how it hasn't happened yet, but we haven't reveled in all things Army of Darkness for Scenes We Love yet ... until now! It's time for some Sam Raimi love, instead of Raimi rants.

When it comes to beloved scenes, no actor or film reigns supreme than Bruce Campbell in Evil Dead 3. It's a movie of epic one-liners, ones so unforgettable that even Evil Dead: The Musical uses them (well before Ash uttered them!). Yes, it's also a movie with some great slapstick, but nothing beats the words that pass through Campbell's lips.

Whenever I watch it, I wonder if the franchise have been as popular without the third film and those oft-recited quotes. Would Ash have had even half the staying power, or would have been merely a genre hero? Whatever the case, we can be happy he's here, and he got to utter phrases like "Give me some sugar, baby," "This is my boom stick," and my favorite: "Well, hello Mr. Fancy Pants." No other man could've pulled that off, and that's what I love about it.

That scene is second in the compilation after the jump (see it in its entirety here), a mix that includes most of the famous lines Bruce uttered. But there are some that are missing. There's no Chinese fighter pilots, and no "Hail to the King," even though the original incarnation of the musical had a whole song dedicated to it. Check out the Ash wonder and then weigh in below: What's your favorite Ash line?