The Time Traveler's Wife is one of those sad cases that has gone from "eagerly anticipated" to "when's that coming out?" to vanishing off most people's radar, which is dangerous considering it comes out this August. Hopefully, the trailer can awaken interest again, although it may be of the "Oh my God, they ruined the story!" kind.

The trailer is up on Yahoo! Movies in high definition, but I've put an embed below the jump to make things easier for you. I haven't read the book (I know, I know. My to-read list is endless, believe me), but I was under the impression it was a lot more heart wrenching and serious, whereas this looks rather lighthearted for a separated-by-time romance. I was hoping for a tear-jerker on the level of The Fountain, where separation is truly terrifying and horrendous, and not just a minor inconvenience for the holidays.

Now, I know there's some major fans of Audrey Niffenegger's book out there, and I'm eager to hear some knowledgable analysis in the comments. Even if this isn't the kind of love story that will tear out my heart and leave me emotionally battered, at least I know there will be Eric Bana to enjoy. He does cut a dashingly dissolved figure!

The Time Traveler's Wife hits theaters August 14, 2009.