Variety is reporting that Paramount has already snapped up Liz Meriwether's script Honey Pot, which which is about "what happens 'when a bunch of hot, funny women get their Bourne on.'"

You might recognize Meriwether's name from the New York Times' feature on Hollywood's "Fempire," the awesome and creative foursome consisting of Meriwether, Dana Fox, Lorene Scafaria, and Diablo Cody, whose newest film Jennifer's Body is coming out this September.

According to the New York Times, Meriwether joined the all-girls' club when "her agent, Cliff Roberts of William Morris, sent her first television pilot, 'Sluts' -- about a group of recent college graduates who move to New York -- to Ms. Scafaria and Ms. Fox about a year ago."

(Anyone else wondering why this article was filed under fashion? Or is that just because they hold each other's purses and stuff at red carpets?)

Since this is still just a script, there's no other info available about the project, other than that Montecito Co.'s Tom Pollock, Jeffrey Clifford, and Ivan Reitman will be producing.

I'm eagerly awaiting more details about this action-adventure that promises to be way cooler (and raunchier) than Charlie's Angels. However, I do wonder if there will be any guff from the MPAA about the double meaning of the title. What do you think?
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