Cast and crew members of the Friday the 13th films gathered in Los Angeles last night to celebrate the release of Parts IV-VI on DVD in all-new Deluxe Edition DVDs. Barney Cohen, screenwriter of The Final Chapter, Shavar Ross, "Reggie" from Part V, Camilla and Carey More, "Terri" and "Tina" from The Final Chapter, composer Harry Manfredini, David Kagen, "Sheriff Garris" from Part VI, and Larry Zerner, "Shelly" from Part 3, showed up at The Bungalow Club for a screening of DVD special features and talk to select members of the press.

Following a cocktail reception where fans and press met with members of the cast and crew, DVD producer Dan Farrands formally greeted attendees and introduced the screening of bonus materials, the centerpiece of which is a multi-part featurette titled "The Crystal Lake Massacres Revisited."
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