DF Indie StudiosWith the economy hurting, what better time to start up a new film studio? DF Indie Studios officially announced itself to the world yesterday, though news broke first via our friends at indieWIRE the other night. The company "is uniting veteran producers with sales and distribution experts." DF Indie Studios says it will "fully finance as many as a dozen films per year, each at a budget of up to $10 million. Significantly, the movies will also have guaranteed U.S. theatrical distribution through the company."

Notable names such as veteran producer Ted Hope (Adventureland, In the Bedroom) and distribution ace Ira Deutchman are involved with the company, as well as Scott Free, the production company of Ridley Scott and his brother Tony Scott (The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3). Company executives told indieWIRE that "the first five films will go into production this fall and hit the festival circuit next year." They also expressed the rather incredible hope that they will create between 10,000 and 15,000 (!!!) film jobs over the next five years. DF Indie Studios is still raising money for their venture, and is about halfway to their $100 million goal, according to the Associated Press.

What type of films will the company be backing? The press release mentions "commercially viable" twice and says they are partnering with "established producers with successful box office track records." Film journalist / critic Anthony Kaufman points to the Variety story, "which reported the company's aims are to make films such as 'the Saw franchise, Juno, Good Night, and Good Luck and Little Miss Sunshine.'"

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