MTV's Hollywood Crush got the details behind Eliza Dushku's Tweets about filming a new project in Boston directly from the star herself. The Dollhouse lead is currently in Beantown for Valediction, a thriller about a man who finds himself in the middle of a hot freaking mess. He and his wife have a young daughter who is "seemingly in a coma, but [they learn] she's actually alive and fully living out in her brain, but is just in this locked-in state... So he's trying to have his daughter wake up from this traumatic experience," according to Dushku. Also? The car accident is his fault.

Ben Barnes, Prince Caspian himself, plays Josh, the utterly confused lead, and Sarah Roemer is his wife. Dushku is the wild card, Renee, with whom he once had an affair and is just one of the catalysts for Josh's inner turmoil.

"[Josh] sort of meets up with Renee and wonders what would have happened if he went that route. It really is about his struggle both with these women in his life and then with his daughter who's been injured... It turns into a really psychological chaos," Dushku told MTV.

Dushku's TV show Dollhouse was (thankfully!) renewed by Fox, and the multi-talented star is also producing a biopic about Robert Mapplethorpe, The Perfect Moment.
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