I'm not exactly sure how a film crew would even GO ABOUT making a worse film than the three-dimensional abortion that was Jaws 3-D, but lo and behold: Jaws the Revenge, a film that would make perfect sense in every way...if sharks and humans had a telepathic link and could read each others minds at will, that is. Nah!! Even then, this movie would be the pinnacle of all things inane. It's sad to even see the WORD "Jaws" on films this inexcusably stupid.

Roy Scheider said "No, and get off my land!" to Part 3, and I'm guessing he was pretty damn grateful after all was said and done. The money-leech producers of Part 4 seemingly wanted to point the series back onto Amity island in some way. Once again, Roy Scheider laughed in their faces. Yeah, Roy! So someone found Lorraine Gary's phone number to see if she was busy. Gary had made a name for herself - somewhat - after appearing in the original Jaws; prior to being cast in Jaws: The Revenge, she hadn't worked in eight years. (Gary was also wife to the CEO of Universal Pictures; you do the math.) OK, so the script offers a sketchy explanation how our beloved Chief Brody was killed in a gelatin accident or some such nonsense, and we have a middle-aged single mother to anchor our thoroughly unwanted sequel to.
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