By Elisabeth Rappe

The days following that fateful phone call have been full of encouragement, scorn, laughter, and skepticism – the sort of reactions that real horror movie heroines experience when they tell everyone they have seen a ghost, a vampire, or a horde of zombies. But nothing troubles the Horror Virgin save one thing, and that is her mother's reaction to Dr. Weinberg's first assignment. "Night of the Living Dead? But you've seen it."

What devilry was this? How could she have seen Night of the Living Dead but have absolutely no memory of it? Had it terrified her so much that own her mind had shielded her from the trauma?

She decides it's time she found out. The timing couldn't be better, as it is a cold, gray, and rainy evening. Armed with a pint of Guinness and a down comforter, our humble heroine curls up with her laptop, Netflix Instant Watch, and George Romero.

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