You might not recognize Jason Sudeikis by name, but you certainly know his face from NBC. He might just be the next SNL alumni to score success outside the small screen, as he's just joined the cast of Bounty Hunter, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Hunter is the latest romantic comedy offering from Andy Tennant and the genre's favorite leading lady, Jennifer Aniston, who gets to be chased around by not one but two charming men in the personages of Gerard Butler and Sudeikis. Butler will play a bounty hunter named Milo hired to track down his ex-wife, Casidy, who has skipped bail and presumably crossed state lines. Sudeikis will play Stewart, who has the misfortune to befriend Casidy at work. Apparently, he's under the mistaken belief that he is her boyfriend (probably because he read it in the tabloids), and takes off after her when she goes on the run from the law.

While I'd love to imagine a film that'll feature Butler as a bloodthirsty bounty hunter in the manner of Boba Fett and Monco, and Aniston as a bank robber, drug runner, or brothel madam, I can't delude myself. I imagine it's just going to be full of squeaky clean criminals, hilarious misunderstandings, and a happy reunion between bail jumper and bounty hunter.
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