It's June 17, 2009, and I'm coming back to Twin Peaks.

How's this for a shocking piece of news: Seventeen years after Kyle MacLachlan last appeared as Special Agent Dale Cooper in Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me, WENN reports that the actor wants to resurrect the legendary showon the Internet. The actor says: "I have a crazy idea to bring back Twin Peaks on the net as five-minute webisodes." Should this become a reality, it will be without David Lynch, whose "focus is more on transcendental meditation now."

To be, or not to be ... I can't decide. At the very least, the idea doesn't fill me with revulsion or dread, but rather curiosity and a whole lot of questions. Would Cooper still be the same without Lynch molding him? And what of co-creator Mark Frost -- would he be involved? Even if the other quirky half is too busy meditating, Peaks webisodes are a much more worthy project than Frost's recent stints writing the Fantastic Four movies. Would these just be more tapes to Diane? Would other faces come back? Would it matter? *Spoiler Alert*

There's not many faces that could come back -- and definitely not many of the more desirable ones, unless MacLachlan is looking to dip into the Black Lodge more. Okay, should this get a little bit evil -- I'm sold. Who wouldn't want to see Bob's wicked control of Cooper, plus more Laura, Leland (Ray Wise!!), and of course, The Man From Another Place?

My fangirl has gotten the best of me, but what about you? Are you in for more Twin Peaks if it's without David Lynch?
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