With Hollywood's neverending desire to milk every story and success for all its worth, it's easy to assume that no one is impervious from part 2, 3, 4, 10 -- especially A-listers. Part of the reason for their success is starring in successful films, and the better a movie does, the better the chance we'll get at least one sequel. But did you know that some of the biggies have only stuck to numero uno?

Movieline has a great post up about the A-listers who have headed for sequel land, and those that have stayed blissfully away -- and they're not necessarily the actors you'd guess. Some are easy: Brad Pitt and Clooney had those Ocean's films (and does it count that Clooney once got some tomato revenge?). Ben Stiller is all about the sequels. Clint Eastwood got dirty for Harry in 5 films.

But who hasn't return for a part 2? I'll give you one: Denzel Washington. However, the site does point out that the actor is set for an Inside Man follow-up, so his status could change. But can you guess the others? There are 3 actors and 1 actress. Make your guesses below and then head over to Movieline to see if you're right. One of those names will probably be quite a surprise until you think about it. And, is there any sequel-free A-lister they missed?
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