San Diego ComicCon is almost upon us, and you know what that means -- stormtrooper costumes. Lots and lots of them. The white-armored villains have become so prevalent at every geek gathering that they hardly attract much notice, so they've had to get creative. Nowadays, you see Imperial Stormtroopers breaking rank and adding all kinds of weird and wonderful things to their standard issue armor, and becoming something weirdly meta in the process. Some of them, like the Elvis Stormtrooper, have become con celebrities in their own right (he's even got his own website, where he's reached a Kirk Lazarus level of crossover) and you can barely escape a con without a photo of them.

Galactic Binder
has collected ten of the best stormtrooper crossovers they've seen. Seeing so many gathered in one place suggests that costumed Stormtroopers are becoming so ubiquitous that they'll soon attract as little attention as a plain Stormtrooper. Hell, maybe ordinary troopers will become so rare that spotting one will be like seeing a unicorn in the wild ...

So, check out the gallery below, and tell us your favorite. I'll echo Galactic Binder and give a special gold star to the samurai stormtrooper for going full circle by referencing Kurosawa.