By Elisabeth Rappe

Even a horror virgin like myself has heard of Final Girl, and her witty, brilliant blog devoted to horror movies. It's no surprise that she's moved on from blogging and into film making. This spring, she shot a short film titled Ludlow (and you should definitely check out its filming diary and the teaser trailer), and had enough time after blogging, filming, and writing to create up the squeal-filled trailer for Deadly Dress 4: Never a Bride. It's currently up for voting on Funny Or Die, so if you like, you need to go vote so FG makes its prequel, The Whiskeytown Dress Murders.

I can't pretend I know entirely what is going on here, or that I'm even supposed to, but I do know it bears an eerie resemblance to an old television movie called The Two Worlds of Jennie Logan. The similarity (and the silently sewing beast) makes it all the more hilarious, and I promise it'll be the only trailer you've ever seen that features a drunk making a crucifix out of a hotel bar mini.Plus, it stars one of my ass kicking chicks, Lena Headey. Final Girl, can you get her to come back for Whiskeytown, and curse that dress something fierce?

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