Judd Apatow's Funny People has launched a wave of meta movie marketing we haven't enjoyed since TropicThunder. (Actually, viral marketing as a whole seems to have faded away. Feel free to speculate on that.) As you probably remember from the practically-reveals-the-entire-plot trailer, Adam Sandler plays a successful comedian-turned-actor named George Simmons. It turns out, Simmons has more in common with Sandler than just his career trajectory ... they practically share a filmography. Simmons has been in such wonderful films as MerMan, Little by Little, My Best Friend is a Robot, Sayonara, Davey!, and many more. I've collected the posters and print adds from Simmons' official website, and put them in our gallery, and embedded the various clips below the jump. (I hope a clip for My Best Friend is a Robot or Code Green is coming at some point.

Sandler isn't the only one getting a bit of viral action. Jason Schwartzman also has a sitcom kicking around the Internet called Yo, Teach! starring his Funny People character, Mark Taylor Jackson. The best part about Jackson's promo (besides how wincingly familiar it is) is that NBC.com helpfully hosted it as if it was promoting a real show. There's probably going to be a lot of people sitting around this fall waiting for "that really sweet looking teacher show" ...

Summer 2009 Comedies

Funny stuff. All they're missing is a cameo by Kirk Lazarus.