Back in April, we received some cool and spooky character posters for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince-- the dark and foreboding sort to tingle the spine and pucker the goosebumps. Now a whole new set have hit the the film's UK site, and this time around, they're all about the plot. Or rather, a few glimpses at Draco and the wonderful Luna Lovegood, and the rest being all about the tumultuous looks of love and teen yearning.

There's Draco opening the vanishing cabinet, Luna with those excellent glasses, Harry and Ginny getting their stare on, and two are focused on the little love triangle of Ron, Hermione, and Lavender. With the addition of this latest set, there's about a billion different images and posters released to eager fans, and by this point, they should just sell the images on wallpaper. There's probably enough to fill ten rooms!

With Half-Blood Prince the Potter world is on the regular track for adolescence and increasing wizardry. Voldemort's power is increasing, Hogwarts is a safe haven no longer, and Dumbledore is trying to prepare Harry for the impending battle against darkness. Meanwhile, however, nothing can stop puberty as most of the kids fall to the power of hormones.

Prince will finally hit the screens on July 15.
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