How many Feast flicks and Saw sequels do you have to write before someone lets you direct your own movie? If you're Marcus Dunstan the answer is ... wait on sec ... three Feast movies, plus Saws 4, 5 and 6 ... six! The answer is six! Dunstan, who's one of the nicest horror guys you'll ever meet (and he does one hell of a Don Knotts impression), makes his directorial debut on The Collector, which used to be known as Midnight Man when Dimension owned it, but now it's being distributed by Liddell / Freestyle ... and now it's The Collector.

The flick, about an ex-con trapped in a house full of ... nastiness, is presently sceduled for a July 31 (theatrical!) release. For more info, hit up Shock and the official Collector site right here.
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