'2012'No one makes things go "boom!" like the German "Master of Disaster." Director Roland Emmerich introduces a new trailer for his end of the world thriller 2012, which you can watch over at Yahoo! Movies. After taking a look, all I can say is, "Holy crap! John Cusack is in this movie?"

Admittedly, I haven't been paying very much attention to the project. The first teaser hit last November, and featured gigantic waves washing over the Himalayas (or a similar huge mountain range). The waves return in the new trailer, which starts with a newscaster talking about the Mayan calendar's prediction of the end of the world in the titular year and then leads to John Cusack's instant conversion from doubter to believer (maybe) before everything -- and I mean everything! -- starts to slip, slide, crash, burn, and, yes, go "boom!"

From the brief glimpses of dramatic scenes included, let's just say that the main, and possibly only, reason to see the movie will be to appreciate the creative work of hundreds of gifted visual effects artists. (In other words, it's in line with Emmerich's previous disaster flicks Independence Day and The Day After Tomorrow). This is destruction depicted on a truly grand scale; Emmerich and his team have clearly been thinking BIG. The film was originally set to open next month, but Sony Pictures bumped it back a few months. If we're all still around, it will open on November 13.