olivia munn iron man 2

This news is probably only of interest to fanboys who like to slow down the DVR whenever Olivia Munn starts bending, bouncing or shaking on G4's Attack of the Show. Still, it's worth reporting since Munn could be playing a villain or a future Avenger in Iron Man 2.

There's still no word on Munn's role in the superhero sequel, but our friends at /Film have a few guesses. Munn tweeted that her role is bigger than Stan Lee's cameo in the film and that she won't be playing a journalist. Earlier today, she said she'd be playing War Machine but that, of course, is a big fat funny lie.

My guess? If Munn isn't playing some variation on the Mandarin, or the Mandarin's girlfriend, I'd have to wager that she's been cast as one of Tony Stark's many pieces of arm candy. What do you think? She's funny, and she's hot. Does Munn deserve a super powered role in Iron Man 2?

[Via /Film]
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