This rather amusing video blog from Day of the Woman got me thinking. No, not about the sparkly "vampires" of Twilight or the questionable *ahem* merits of Megan Fox ... but of something a lot larger. Most horror geeks, you see, would agree that much of the 1990s were a freakin' wasteland where horror is concnerned. Our astute rantress points out that her generation's "classics" are Scream, Urban Legend, Final Destination, and (ugh) I Know What You Did Last Summer ... whereas MY generation got to grow up knee-deep in the icky exploits of Jason, Michael, Freddy, Chucky, Leprechaun, Pinhead, Wishmaster, Ghoulies, Gremlins, Ghosties and Goo-monsters ... a lot more options, basically. And fun ones, too.

But now that those who were born in 1990 are old enough to form an intelligent thought (and run their own great horror blog), it raises an interesting question: If you grew up in the 1990s, how the HELL did you turn into a horror geek in the first place? I'm actually impressed! (I'm even more impressed by a 19-year-old who knows that an alternate title for the sleazoid classic I Spit On Your Grave ... is Day of the Woman.) So to my most youthful of readers, I say this: Listen to this girl. She is your leader.
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