Like most of you Cinematical readers, I'll watch just about any movie. I try not to hold cinematic grudges, and I try to separate the art from the artist. But it's human nature to have some kind of bias, and I often find that there are actors and actresses that I'll hold very unfair grudges against.

One of these is Liev Schreiber. He's on my "must-watch" list because he rarely turns in a bad performance, even though he's been in some real clunkers. But liking him has been some kind of gradual and snotty process that I can trace back to having first encountered his ugly side in Scream and Ransom. I had him pigeonholed as a nasty ass thug for a long time. It wasn't until A Walk on the Moon that I started to come around, but even then I was rooting for Diane Lane to leave him for Viggo Mortensen. Viggo was Aragorn! Schreiber was Cotton Weary! He wasn't to be trusted. (He's even vaguely nasty in the otherwise fluffy Kate and Leopold. Meg Ryan is pretty unpleasant in that, but did she really need him to remark "Those were your best [years]?")

But somewhere in there, he converted me to fandom that found me moving Defiance to the top of the Netflix queue when I might have let it linger until gosh knows when. If Brian DePalma ever gets around to making that Untouchables prequel, he should look no further for his Al Capone.

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