A new journey to the world of Cimmeria has been in the works for eons, with a slew of delays, casting rumors, and rewrites keeping the project barely puttering. Just look here to freshen up. But now ... the new Conan the Barbarian may have been found. And he bares a striking resemblance to the last. (My emphasis of that word will make sense in a second.)

The Hollywood Reporter'sRisky Biz Blog reports that Lionsgate and Nu Image/Millennium are not interested in finding a fresh Conan, but grabbing an Arnold Schwarzenegger look-alike. They're in talks with Roland Kickinger -- a 41-year-old actor who, just like Arnie, is from Austria, is a body-builder-turned-actor, had a role as a T-800, and even played a Conan-era Arnie in See Arnold Run. Talk about the Schwarz being with you ... and about a lack of casting creativity!

Could this, perchance, be a little over-the-top? I mean, yay for Kickinger, who could finally make a huge mainstream-role out of his Arnold similarities and set out on the path for gubernatorial success. But as for the film and the rest of us -- this seems more over-the-top than a mirrored version of Psycho!

I don't think Schwarzenegger can say "I'll be back" anymore. It just doesn't have the same ring when there's a new Austrian to cover for him.
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