I didn't see a lot of movies in theaters as a child -- when you have younger brothers and a sister, family moviegoing is difficult and expensive. But by 1983, I was old enough to go to movies with friends -- proper PG movies, not that babyish Disney stuff, either. Still, there were many movies I had to miss. Although PG-13 was still a year away, my mom often checked the local Catholic weekly newspaper to make sure I wasn't seeing anything Morally Offensive. I don't know why I didn't just sneak into more movies, but I was a prissy little 14-year-old and suspect most of my friends were too. (Also, a terrible liar.)

Despite the restrictions, I remember 1983 as one of my favorite summers for movies because it marked the first time I stood in line on a movie's opening day to see something I was really, really excited about. I wasn't disappointed, either, although the summer did hold some letdowns. It also marks the first time I saw an R-rated movie in a theater, which my parents would never have let me do at that time, and which was also far from disappointing. I've bolded the titles of my favorite films from that summer.