I'm used to getting a little misty-eyed around Pixar's flicks. Those animation magicians are as good at studying the human condition as they are at making pretty pictures that walk and talk ... but this is something pretty special. I'll refer you to the full story at The OC Register, but the short version is this: A 10-year-old girl was dying of cancer, and her last request was to see Pixar's Up. Unfortunately she was too fragile to make a trip to the multiplex ... so Pixar sent someone to her house with an Up screener and an armful of presents.

Young Colby Curtin died about seven hours after the movie.

Our hearts go out to her friends and family, and (once again) we owe a debt of gratitude to the Pixar people. They did all they could to make Colby's final hours as sweet as possible, and they never once looked for any attention or praise for their actions. Well, we want to give it to them anyway. Stay classy, Pixar.
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