If there's one thing thatSacha Baron Cohen is good at, besides making us pee our pants with laughter, it's stirring up a hornets' nest of controversy. The British comic follows up his uproariously un-PC flick 'Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan' with the equally un-PC (and, we suspect, equally hilarious) 'Bruno.'

'Bruno' features Baron Cohen as his gay Austrian fashion reporter alter ego, instead of his awkward Kazakhstan nationalist reporter alter ego, but the formula's pretty much the same: infiltrate real-life events and elicit uncomfortable (often racist, sexist, homophobic -- or all three at once) reactions from folks who aren't in on the joke.

It's no surprise, really, that Baron Cohen's antics are the cause of oodles of controversy, lawsuits and embarrassment. Here's a rundown of the contention caused by the movie and its star -- before it's even hit theaters.
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